• Shiatsu

    In Japanese “shi” means finger and “atsu” pressure. Shiatsu is an oriental massage in which fingers, palms, elbows and knees are used to apply pressure along the Chinese acupuncture meridians. Like acupuncture, shiatsu aims to stimulate and balances the body’s vital energy, known as Ki in Japanese and Chi or Qi in Chinese. Shiatsu is given on a futon, on the floor, or on a treatment couch with the client fully clothed.

    What does it do?
    Shiatsu can help a wide range of conditions, from specific injuries to more general symptoms of ill health. It is a deeply relaxing experience and can help prevent the buildup of stress in our lives. Like acupuncture, shiatsu aims to treat the root of the problem by balancing the body's flow of energy (Ki or Qi) following an individual diagnosis. It can be safely used during pregnancy and childbirth.

    What should I expect from treatment?
    Treatment varies from person to person, according to the individual diagnosis. Please allow allow a few sessions to see whether shiatsu works for you. Chronic conditions usually need more time to improve than acute problems. 

    How to get most out of my treatment?

    Medical History
    • Please bring details of current medical diagnosis and/or any medication you are taking. You can download a medical questionnaire here.
    • Please let me know, if you are pregnant or if you have had any recent surgery or major medical treatment.

    • For treatment, wear loose fitting clothing, preferably non-synthetic, such as cotton or hemp. Treatment is generally given on a futon at floor level, but can also be done on a treatment couch.

    Meals etc...
    • Avoid coming to a session hungry or less than an hour after a full meal.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol, eating rich meals, taking very hot baths or visiting a sauna on the day of treatment.

    For more information about shiatsu and its indications please visit the Shiatsu Society’s website www.shiatsu.org or contact me by e-mail or telephone.